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     Get to know your friends on Lollipop Way!

Fluffy is a fluffy white cat who usually has an opinion !

Fred is a boisterous golden retriever !

Together, they live with their human  -  an awesome boy named James
Grey lives next door.  He's a wise, older German shepherd, who's a retired guide dog.  Now he guides the pets as they live their best lives on Lollipop Way !

Max can often be found
             eating at his doghouse beside the creek.

Orion is a very nice dog with big paws.

              and Mustard            are kittens who are usually playing on their porch.

used to be a bully, but not anymore.

Bouncer is a dog with 3 legs, who got his name from his positive attitude !


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Fluffy image_edited.png
Grey image_edited.png
Buster image_edited.png
Orion image_edited.png
Max image_edited.png
Bouncer image_edited.png
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